Hedging Spring Reach Nursery's Hedging Plants Guide

Buying Hedging Plants or Screening Plants

The Autumn is a great time for planting either container grown, bare root or root ball Hedging Plants as this allows the roots to become established before the onset of Winter.  This helps the newly planted hedge to withstand any hot, dry spells the following summer.  Preparing the site in advance allows the soil to settle and minimizes the delay between buying plants and planting.  If the site is not well-drained, it may need additional improving to ensure the newly planted hedge will have a good chance of survival. Most plants require a minimum soil depth of 60cm.  Planting is recommended at 60cm apart as this ensures that the hedge will ‘fill in’ quickly this can vary depending on what variety and size of hedging you choose. It is advisable to trim the shoots of the plant thus encouraging the side shoots within the new hedge to bush out quickly.

How Many Hedging Plants Should I Buy?

If you are unsure of how many hedging plants you should buy, you may send us an email at info@springreachnursery.co.uk or telephone 01483 284769 and as long as you know the exact area you need to cover we will be able to advise you on how many plants you will need. Remember a hedge is an investment and it is much better to get a good dense hedge than to compromise on cost and have to go back later to infill with additional plants.

Planting A Hedge

When preparing the ground always ensure that some well-rotted organic matter is added to the soil. If you are planting a container grown hedging plants then ensure the plants are thoroughly moistened. If it is very dry then stand the container in water for half an hour or until the compost is moist throughout. Once the plant has been planted it will need to be kept well watered for the first couple of years, particularly in dry spells. Failure to do so may impede establishment or the plants and the hedge may even die.

Here is our list of some of our most popular hedging choices

You may purchase Hedging plants direct from Spring Reach Nursery Nursery in Surrey only 5 mins drive from RHS Wisley. Or we can send mail order to anywhere in England, Wales and the Scottish Borders.


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