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Pittosporum - Alternate hedgingIf you are looking to plant a hedge but would rather plant something different from the usual laurel, privet or conifer hedging then Spring Reach Nursery in Surrey which is only 5 mins from RHS Wisley can offer you some excellent alternatives. We can send mail order hedging plants to anywhere in England, Wales and the Scottish Borders.

All of these hedging plants are fast growing and  will quickly produce very attractive evergreen flowering hedges covering a range of eventual heights from 60cm  up to 2.5 metres.

For prices and availability of evergreen  hedging shrubs contact SPRING REACH NURSERY at info@springreachnursery.co.uk or sales 01483 284769.

Evergreen shrubs for flowering hedges


Most  Escallonias make excellent evergreen  hedges that range in height  from 1.5 m to 2m and have small to medium sized leaves. Practically all of the varieties flower in early summer with most having pink to crimson or white flowers. Their growth is moderate to fast ranging from 30cm to 45 cm per year and they all tolerate hard pruning when established. They will grow on a wide range of fairly free draining soils in sunny to part shady conditions and all will make a very good evergreen flowering hedge.


Nearly all elaeagnus are fast growing evergreen shrubs growing up to 45cm per year. They have oval shaped leaves that are either green to striking cream gold or variegated and will make evergreen hedges ranging in height from 1.5m to 3m and so give good privacy. All of the varieties have tiny cream flowers in late winter/early spring that have a delightfully sweet fragrance. They will grow on a wide range of fairly free draining soils in sunny to part shady conditions and all will make very good evergreen screening hedges. They are very good for seaside planting and are very tolerant of dry conditions once established.


If you want to create a smaller evergreen flowering hedge ranging in height from 50cm to 90cm then lavender is the perfect choice. They all have small narrow strikingly aromatic leaves with vivid flowers that are either shades of blue pink or white. Blue lavender  forms are easily the most popular with two of the best being lavender hidcote  and lavender munstead.  All lavenders grow best in full sun on free draining soils and are extremely drought tolerant. They grow quickly and will flower in the first year after planting and are very attractive to bees. A regular pruning after flowering is essential to ensure that the lavender hedge stays tidy and compact.


These are fast growing upright evergreen shrubs  that have very attractive foliage. Their evergreen leaves although small come in a delightful shade of colours from shiny green to purple and an array of silver green and gold green variegations. Pittosporum really does make a strikingly different and eye catching evergreen hedge much sought after by flower arrangers for their foliage. They eventually make a privacy hedge ranging from 1m right up to 3m with a growth rate of between 10-25 cm per year.  They need to be planted on a moderately free draining soil in full or partial sun and not be too exposed to northerly winds.

Here below is a selection of our best selling shrubs that can be used as hedging plants.



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