Hedging Taxus baccata & Thuja

Buy Taxus baccata (English Yew) from Spring Reach Nursery

You can buy a large range of sizes of hedging yewTaxus baccata direct from Spring Reach Nursery in Surrey which is only 5 mins from RHS Wisley. Alternatively, we can send mail order to anywhere in England, Wales and the Scottish Borders.

For prices and availability of Yew  hedging  plants in a range of sizes from 60cm to 1.8M contact SPRING  REACH NURSERY at info@springreachnursery.co.uk
or sales 01483 284769.

Taxus baccata - English Yew

The native English Yew makes a superb dense hardy evergreen hedge and is the ideal choice for those wishing for that formal classical hedge with a moderate rate of growth. The Yew tree is extremely long lived and is tolerant of a wide range of soil types ranging from chalky to sandy soils that are in full sun or quite shady. The only soils to avoid are those which are badly drained. A big plus point of the Yew tree is that under most circumstances it can be hard pruned into the old wood as it re-grows new shoots unlike all the conifers. Yew or taxus also makes a superb subject for topiary and can often be seen in many formal shapes from Egyptian pyramids to cones to squares and round balls.

Thuja plicata atrovirens -Western Red Cedar

Thuja plicata are superb subjects for hedging and screens as all are evergreen and provide an attractive permanent effect once established. Thuja is used for formal hedges or screening and when clipped they give off a pineapple scented fragrance, and are a great alternative to Leylandii hedging.

Avaliable in sizes from 60cm – 2 metres in height, rootballed or container grown.

We have good stock of plants for hedging.

For prices of Thuja  plants and availability contact Spring Reach Nursery
info@springreachnursery.co.uk or sales 01483 284769.


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