Plants for a purpose Rabbit resistant plants

It can be a very frustrating and sole destroying task of waking up one morning to find the majority of the plants in your garden have all been nibbled or eaten by those furry enemies.

Generally rabbits will like to nibble most things and see what best suits their palate first, there are lots of options to prevent rabbits coming into the garden. One of the options is to erect a rabbit proof fence to about 60cm tall with at least 15 cm below ground level. Although, this will involve a lot of digging and though initially expensive in the long term it is one of the best options to choose to keep those little bunnies at bay.

Another option would be to choose a selection of rabbit proof plants. No plant is totally rabbit proof but as a general guide rabbits tend to dislike any plants that are aromatic or plants that ooze a milky sap.

Spring Reach Nursery an award winning plant nursery has compiled a comprehensive list of plants that are known to be rabbit proof or rabbit resistant.

All of the following plants are stocked on our plant nursery, subject to availability or you may purchase plants via our mail order service. We can ship to anywhere within the british isles.

For more details on our plants or to purchase by mail order please email us with your request to or you may contact Spring Reach Nursery
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The list below is only suggestions and we cannot guarantee that any of the suggested list will be totally rabbit proof. Some of our rabbit population will be resistant to some varieties, so what works well in some parts of the country may not be effective elsewhere.

Rabbit Resistant Perennials

Acanthus, Cynara, Echniops, Epimedium, Gallardia, Kniphofia, Lamium, Lupins, Macleaya cordata, Nepeta, Paeonia, Persicaria, Pulmonaria, Sisyrinchum, Tradescantia, Verbascum, Verbena, Zanteschia.

Rabbit Resistant Annuals


Rabbit Resistant Shrubs

Cordyline, Cornus, Cytisus, Escallonia, Eucalyptus, Fatsia japonica, Gaultheria pernettya, Laburnum, Laurus noblis (bay), Leptospermum, Ligustrum ovalifolium, Potentilla, Rosmarinus, Salvia, Santolina, Taxus, Trachycarpus fortunei, Weigela

Rabbit Resistant Climbers

Suggested list of Rabbit Proof Plants complied by Spring Reach Nursery,
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