Soft Fruit Red and White Currants

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RedcurrantsRedcurrants and their less common cousin the whitecurrant are both very easy to grow as they thrive on most soil types and prefer partial sun. They bear fruit readily as they are self fertile and will crop from the second year onwards. Established red and whitecurrant bushes will crop between 1 and 2 kilo’s of fruit each year in early July. The fruit of the red and whitecurrant is high in vitaman C and is great for using in summer fruit pies as well as jam making as they contain natural pectin’s which help to set jams and jellies.

Red and whitecurrants are available to buy mail order from Spring Reach Nursery in Surrey just 5 mins from RHS Wisley. Tel 01483 284769 or Email


Redcurrant Laxtons no1

A very good variety that is a heavy cropper bearing many shiny red berries in mid July.
Grows to a neat bush 1m x 80cm in 5 years.

Redcurrant Jonkeer Van Tets

This is the earliest cropping redcurrant that has high yields of shiny red berries from early July. Grows to a neat bush 1m x 80cm in 5 years.


Whitecurrant white versaille

One of the best forms that has many clusters of sweet white transparent berries from mid July. Grows to a neat bush 1m x 80cm in 5 years.


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