Hedging - Photinia fraseri - Red Robin

Spring Reach Nursery stocks an extensive range of Photinia Red Robin plants. We offer a large variety of sizes of Photinia Red Robin, catering to all budgets. We can deliver direct to you, delivering all over the Southeast. We are a local nursery, close to Guildford and 5 minutes from RHS Wisley, with the best selection of hedging plants in the South.

Photinia Red Robin is an excellent choice of fast-growing evergreen hedge – growing up to 60cm per year in ideal conditions. It offers instant screening and privacy. Not only is it compact and upright in habit, it is also a plant that is suitable to attract wildlife to your garden. Photinia Red Robin is also a hardy plant and will tolerate both chalky and clay soils as long as they are relatively free draining. The new growth is a stunning coppery red in Spring and again in Summer, making it more visually attractive than cherry laurel. In Spring, Photinias often produce masses of white flowers, that are slightly scented and attractive to bees. They are easy to prune and benefit from regular pruning when young, to create a dense privacy hedge. They are best pruned any time between late March to the end of August. Reliable in every season, it is a versatile choice of hedge, being both drought tolerant and frost resilient.

Photinia Red Robin instant hedge

Red Robin makes a vibrant evergreen hedge

Photinia Red Robin flourishes in full or partially sunny conditions, and are most likely to produce flowers under such conditions, but the plant will grow healthily in semi-shade, serving as an attractive backdrop. We are able to offer any advice on growing conditions or the suitability of Photinia Red Robin for your garden. Spring Reach Nursery specialises in container pot grown Photinia Red Robin for instant hedging - we have a large stock of plants available in a variety of sizes, including 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft Photinia Red Robins. Larger sizes are available to order at 8ft or above. These are particularly suitable for screening and for hiding unwanted obtrusions or new builds.

Photinia Red Robin leaves Photinia Red Robin flowers

Red Robin foliage

Red Robin flowering

Buy Photinia Red Robin plants directly from a local grower, at Spring Reach Nursery in Surrey, located only 5 minutes from RHS Wisley. All our hedging plants can be directly delivered to your door. We deliver all over the Southeast, including all postcodes in Surrey and South London, delivering to locations that cover Cobham, Weybridge, Guildford, Wimbledon, Woking, Putney, New Malden, and surrounding areas.

For prices and availability of container grown Photinia Red Robin plants in a range of sizes from smaller plants to larger specimen plants call us on 01483 284769, or to purchase Photinia Red Robin online, email us at info@springreachnursery.co.uk. Visit our specialist plant nursery in person for expert advice on all hedging, so we can help determine which hedge is right for you.

Photinia Red Robin Lollipops

Photinia Red Robin also makes an excellent feature plant when trained as ¾ standard or full standard trees (Lollipop trees). These Photinia plants are best visualised as having a clear stem starting from 90cm, 1.5m or 1.8/2m, and then a rounded ball top. Photinia Red Robin Lollipop trees are an ideal plant as an ornamental tree, or for creating an avenue look or as an evergreen screen.

Photinia Pink Marble

Photinia Pink Marble (RHS Award of Garden Merit) is another form of variegated evergreen hedge that we have available to deliver. This Photinia plant boasts stunning foliage, with cream-coloured edges and deep green leaves when fully grown. The new growth displays bright red edges and vibrant pink leaves. Photinia Louise is another species that boasts variegated pink leaves that are slightly smaller with a serrated leaf edge. Photinia Pink Marble and Photinia Louise can be supplied as half standard Lollipop trees.

Photinia Red Robin Pink Marble leaves Photinia Louise leaves

Photinia Pink Marble foliage

Photinia Louise foliage

Pleached Photinia trees

Spring Reach Nursery also stocks pleached varieties of Photinia Red Robin, a perfect choice for tall instant evergreen screening that guarantees privacy. Buy these direct from the grower at Spring Reach Nursery in pleached panels either 1.2 x 1m or 1.5 x 1.2m.


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